Cross Time !!
266 Cross Time !!
Artist Brandy +
Notecharter Mgame +
ID 266
Alternate name Flag of the People's Republic of China 穿越时空的爱恋
Genre Techno
Level 7 / 17 / 26
Note count 706 / 1257 / 1717
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160.00 +
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2:33 +
265 Love Fighter !!
266 Cross Time !!
267 The Festival of Ghost 2
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Genre: Rock Techno

Composition/Vocals: Brandy


That's right Call it right Brandy Emotions Brandy Emotions Right and that's right (wam) the (w-w-wam) Just now (w wam) uh Uh uh uh that's right Impulse kimoul Give more get chance Sube the one Catch you give How beats more could tells the body The more get the tsuzu nega moving the light! (Chorus) 하지만 그게 아닌걸 in now 언제나 honeymoon 인걸 in radi I wanna catch you baby 꿈꾸던 사랑은 Give me love I wanna honey baby 끝이 아닌걸 널 위한걸 (Rap) 1 40 I wanna say this but get it I wanna shakin' groovin' movin' uh I gettin' the 140 with your body and you cannot beat me no sh 지나간 시간 속에 날 버리고 돌아가 줘 엇갈린 다른 세상에 너와 나 하나로 기억될 테니 I wanna catch you baby (catch you baby) 사랑은 Give me love I wanna honey baby (catch you baby) 끝이 아닌걸 널 위한걸 Now..


  1. No official lyrics,so here are plenty of mistakes.

Official ReleaseEdit

오투잼 아날로그 Cross Time (Music by Brandy)

오투잼 아날로그 Cross Time (Music by Brandy)

O2Jam Analog - Cross Time