This is a list of errors in-game in O2Jam and possible solutions.

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  • Cannot connect to server

The game has lost connection to the game servers. If restarting the game does not work, try downloading a newer version of the game if there are any.

  • You are not allowed to connect [to] O2Jam <insert localized country name here> from your country.

For some reason, the game has blocked your IP address. This may include the blocking of foreign players from playing. (Please go to the appropriate website for possible solutions)

  • Web DB Query Error

This is an error generated by the server and indicates that server / Music Hall you are accessing is currently unavailable / under maintenance. This error should be fixed by the server maintainers.

  • Web DB Error

This error appears when your session has expired in the O2Jam login server. Simply restart the game to resolve this error.

  • Error 101, Please contact Administrator

This error is caused by bug / improper configuration on the server. Solution can be as easy as restarting the server, or restoring the whole database (worst case scenario).

  • 682 Song Limit

A known issue for older server application (used by majority of the private servers out there), where the server application is unable to handle the OJNList which exceeds the size of 200kb. There are rumors which suggests that renown private server developer CrBee / nsisn found a way to bypass the checking, but no one has yet to see actual solution.