Lonely Song
175 Lonely Song
Artist BeautifulDay +
Notecharter NoteFactory +
ID 175
Alternate name Flag of South Korea 외롭쏭
Flag of the People's Republic of China 孤单颂
Genre Traditional
Level 1 / 8 / 11
Note count 171 / 487 / 654
List icon
130.00 +
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1:54 +
Visual O2Princess +
Variants Lonely Song
Lonely Song (3M)
Lonely Song(RN)
(SEasy) Lonely Song
174 Christmas Memories
175 Lonely Song
176 White Christmas
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Lonely Song is a song in O2Jam. It was composed by BeautifulDay and performed by O2Princess.



Lonely Song is considered to be the easiest free song in O2Jam.


The jeul mash.
Lonely Song has two mashes: a heart mash and a jeul (즐) mash.

Lyrics Edit

메리크리스마스~! 메리크리스마스
모두들 행복하지만
나는 옆구리가시려 (시려시려 많이시려)
맨날 소개팅해도 걸리는 남자가 없어~ (아이참)

아니! 어쩌면 모두 눈이 뼛나봐~ (뼛어뼛어! 눈이뼛어!)
울면 안돼!(왜?) 울면 안돼!(왜)
산타할아버지는 우는 애한테
남자친구 안주신데..(안돼)

산타할아버지는 알고 계신대(뭘?)
누가 진짜 멋지고 이쁜앤지 (정말?)
오늘 멋진 인연 주신데..(이야~)
울면 안돼! 울면안돼!

산타할아버지는 우는 애한테..
남자친구안주신데..(남자친구 안주신데)

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