This is a listing of different patterns either commonly found in notecharts or are popular themselves in the notecharts.

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A basic ladder pattern.
A ladder is a pattern that goes across the note area.

Rapids / JacksEdit

Rapids, Jacks or machine gun (in China) is a pattern wherein the notes are arranged in a line on a single column. They are usually spaced at sixteenths of a measure.

Holds / Long Notes Edit

Hold / Long notes is the type of note that requires player to hold down a specific key from the beginning until the end of the long note in order to complete a combo with long note.

It was meant to make a chart more interesting, but was overdone in unofficial notecharts.

Mashes / SpamEdit

To mash / spam is to press a button or buttons blindly to get the notes right. Mash / spam also refers to the pattern in which a player would be required to mash. A mash is generally combined rapids.

The Huk mashEdit


The Huk mash

The Huk (Korean: , lit. "hug", IPA:/hak/) mash[1] is a pattern found in the Identity series[2] by SHK. It is a pattern that visually spells out the Korean word "헉".

The mash has 77 notes in a measure and can be found in every hard difficulty of Identity series (except [SHD]~-start-5-stop Identity part III (Normal difficulty) which has 1 and Identity part III which has none). In SHD Identity part III (Hard difficulty), the mash can be found twice: first the original near the beginning, and the new one which has 133 notes in a measure (almost twice as dense as the original) near the end.


  1. The Korean "헉" is romanized as hak, however the mash is popularized as huk.
  2. The "헉" mash is not seen only in Identity part III.